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The articles published by the Romanian Economic and Business Review are double blind peer-reviewed. The reviewers are experts who enjoy a well known competence in the field of the reviewed paper. During the reviewing process, the identity of both authors and reviewers remains confidential. The journal acceptance rate of submitted papers is around 50%.
The editor gives a first reading of the submitted manuscript and decides whether it fulfills the basic conditions (concerning the topic, style and form) for being sent to reviewers. Reviewers rate the paper by filling the following table, which they send back to the editor together with their suggestions.
Based on the reviews, the editorial board decides to accept the article for publication, reject it or requesting its author(s) to change it according to reviewers’ advices.

Evaluation criteria



Quantitative criteria



Size: does the paper observe the size limits?



Form: does the paper observe the writing conditions? Does it includes abstract, biographical note and references?



Comprehensibility: is the language used accessible enough?



Structure: is the paper ligically structured? Are its ideas easy to follow?



Qualitative criteria



Scientific value: is the paper valuable for science? Is it grounded in the literature, honest and unbiased?



Argumentation: are the article’s arguments carefully founded and developed?



Originality: are the ideas expressed in the article original? Has the article been published before?



Relevance: does the article approach an interesting topic, of relevance for Romania or the world economy?



Potential interest: can the article be used as a starting point for further research? Can it be used as classroom material?





*Grades rank from 1 to 10, where 1 is the lowest and 10 the highest grade.